Nancy/Salina M. Palmer Ball


July 2, 1952 - August 22, 2021

At 12:09am on July 2, 1952 while traveling to Los Angeles; Nancy Melanie Palmer was born to Terry Evans and Bradford Palmer to in Chicago IL; so true to the meaning behind the name "Palmer" (traveler/pilgrim to the holy land). Her father Bradford fought with the esteemed Army Rangers unit which rescued American servicemen from Japanese prisoner of war camps in the Philippine Islands during the WWII; upon his return to the states he met his wife Terry, who was a nurse in the Army hospital where he received care. Nancy was always very close to her father; she often recalled with fondness his loving influence on her life, but sadly lost him at the tender age of fourteen. Her mother also passed away when she was barely out of her teenage years. Also during these fragile formative years she faced other serious trauma's that might have easily caused a loss of faith in life; yet despite these events she retained a deep caring for all life, and especially for any feeling isolated or lost. Many holiday seasons she volunteered at a suicide prevention hot-line; and I know her intuitive calming spirit helped to prevent countless tragedies. This gift also had the same effect on injured animals we frequently rescued; and I often ribbed her that when she crossed over she would instantly be surrounded by a loving mass of: bunnies, birds, rabbits, mice, squirrels, rats, cats, dogs, opossums, and so many other types of life that I lost count! Nancy lived during a interesting period in Los Angeles; and many her friends were relations of, or members of some of the biggest acts in the music business of the 1960's and 70's. They also called her "Salina" (also spelled Selena); which means: "daughter of the Moon", (a little more about this later). At this point I would like to mention the Stein family; who were a big part of Salina's life, as well as life long friends as close to her as family. Patty Stein and Salina worked together at Advent Management; which provided tour management for such band's as: Yes, Ronnie James Dio, and Def Leopard, and Salina always spoke fondly of her and Patty's adventures at "the office" during this time. Mark Stein is the lead vocalist and keyboardist for Vanilla Fudge; and at Salina's request recorded a few of her favorite songs in their catalog. It was also a pleasant surprise for Salina earlier this year when she heard "You Keep Me Hanging On" during Ken Burns series on Vietnam; this was a blessing as it brought back fond memories for her during a very difficult time. Salina also worked with George McIndoe and Paramount Studios in the 1970's doing research for several programs that were the front-runners to such shows as: "In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy" and "Unexplained Mysteries"; he presently runs Phantomscotsman Films LLC; and was one of the producer's of the movie: "The Bank Job". George was also a student of Nancy's grandfather Ernest Palmer; a Rosicrucian with the original Golden Dawn Order, and the author of many articles and books in the 1930's including: "The Secrets of Ancient Egypt" and "The Origin of Man" among a few. Author and Professor Hans Holzer's wrote about Salina in one of his books: "Psychic Yellow Pages: The very best psychics, card readers, mediums, astrologers, and numerologists" : See page 87 of book. During our twenty-one years of marriage I often found myself in wonder because her predictions were so timely and accurate; and I always felt she must have inherited this gift from her grandfather Ernest Palmer. She said at times however it felt more like a curse; because she could only perceive, yet not change the outcome of her visions. There were often times she would be so quiet; and I knew at these times she often carried the weight of world on her shoulders. Salina was also deeply spiritual; and often felt ambivalent about her abilities, because it was as she said: "a nonreturnable gift". Though I feel this intuitive gift was a extra portion of the spirit we all share, and was an extension of her beautiful and sensitive angelic soul. I have never felt indifferent about whoever used either of her first or last names: "Nancy or Salina" or "Palmer or Ball"; because she was so many incredible things to so many people. To me she will always be "Love"; the nick-name I affectionately called her, and this is what she will always be to me. She was so shy about having her picture taken; but when she smiled the whole world shined, and I know my world apart from her will never be the same again. Below is one of her very many talented writings:

If all lips could speak the truth; and all pride was cast aside
All greed and cruelty was packed away; and jealousy subside
If Love could rule our universe; only kindness to every race
Then one could glance into a mirror; and view God's true face

Brian Ball Sept 23, 2021