Hans Holzer Psychic Yellow Pages

Page: 87

Salina Palmer is the grand-daughter of famed English astrologer Ernest Palmer, who was also a well-know writer. (Incidentally, Miss Palmer was born on a flight bringing her parents to the United States.) Living in the Hollywood vicinity, it was only a mater of time before she became known as “psychic to the stars,” as well as the in-house psychic for Paramount Studios.

Some of her noted claims included the late Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the Doors. Among other things, she told him she saw a headstone in Paris with the date 1971. Unfortunately, this did come true as he died in 1971 and as a result of her prediction Salina did not want to give any more readings for a while.

Ava Gabor, the celebrated actress, was a friend of Salina’s father. Once Salina gave her a reading in which she described a scene in television involving grass and a pitchfork and predicted Ms. Gabor would be very successful in television at a time when that seemed very unlikely. The television show turned out to be Green Acres, which ran for years and made Ms. Gabor a television star.

Even though Salina Palmer is sought after by many people in the entertainment field, she does give readings for those not of celebrity status. Lately, Salina has discovered she also has the power of healing and is exploring this newfound gift.